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Oral Conscious Sedation 

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Whether you have suffered a traumatic visit to the dentist or you just can’t get numb enough before dental work, seeking dental treatment solely for emergencies can compromise your oral health and result in costly and expensive treatments. If you’re dreading your next dental appointment, Williamsville Dentist, Dr. Brian Zunner might be able to help you relax using conscious sedation dentistry.

Dental health is directly tied to your overall well-being. Many chronic illnesses have been linked to poor dental health. Heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, pancreatic and kidney cancer all have strong links to poor oral health. If you are avoiding dental care because of fear and anxiety, it is important to find a qualified conscious sedation dentist who can reduce your stress before and during your visit.

What is Oral Conscious Sedation?

Sedation dentistry employs the use of carefully administered oral medications before and during your visit. The goal of oral conscious sedation is to create a relaxed, comfortable and safe experience for the patient, with little or no anxiety and little or no memory of the appointment. Sedated patients may feel like they slept through the entire appointment since their memory has been compromised. Patients blood pressure and oxygen levels are monitored throughout the appointment to maintain safety and comfort. Dr. Brian Zunner believes everyone’s dental care should be safe, comfortable and fit their individual lifestyle. He will work closely with you to determine conservative options for reaching your dental health and smile goals.

Am I a Candidate for Oral Conscious Sedation?

During your first visit, Dr. Brian Zunner will carefully review your medical and dental history. If you feel comfortable enough, the Williamsville Dentistry Care team will perform a full examination and conduct necessary x-rays so you and Dr. Zunner can create a customized treatment plan.
If Dr. Brian Zunner finds that you might benefit from sedation dentistry, he will discuss pre-operative instructions and prescribe the oral sedative that is right for you. He might recommend taking your first dose the night before the appointment so you can get a good night’s rest before your procedure.
You might be a candidate for oral conscious sedation if you:
*Have avoided the dentist for a long time
*Have experienced recurring dental pain and you are concerned what it might take to fix the issue
*Had a traumatic dental experience in your lifetime
*Know someone who had a traumatic experience and their story has made you anxious
*Have a sensitive gag reflex
*Suffer from neck or back problems that make sitting difficult for long periods of time
If you think oral conscious sedation might be able to help you relax during your next dentist appointment, please call Williamsville Dental Care at (716) 631-3758 to schedule your initial consultation. Dr. Brian Zunner serves patients in the Williamsville area and other communities in the Western New York area.